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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Native Plant Guide 

This interactive native plant guide was designed and laid out for U.S. Fish and Wildlife's educational program regarding native plant species in California.

City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Branding Standards, Altura Park Signage, CABQ Dog Park Signage

Madeline designed the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico branding standards, templates and Altura Park Signage for the city park. Signage was printed using Landscape Structure's Digifuze, digitally-infused graphics for playgrounds and signage.



Sacramento Splash: Watershed Drawings

These drawings were created for Sacramento Splash's Watershed Curriculum. Drawings assist with teaching students about stormwater pollutants, water conservation, and watershed activity.


Stars Interpretive Signage Design

This sign was designed for a local nature center to educate visitors about stargazing.



Wing Span Interactive Display

This interactive public art display was designed for the visitors of the Cache Creek Nature Preserve in Woodland, California. The native bird species are painted to scale and labeled in English and in their Native American name. By interacting with this public environmental art display, visitors of all ages can learn about the native bird species in the region and measure their own arm length in comparison to the native birds. 



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