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Services & Resources Provided

Art of Environments collaboratively works with the client throughout the planning, design, and implementation process to create visceral, effective, and creative visual and experiential resources that include but are not limited to:




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Environmental art teaches people about environmental or sustainability topics and can be created in the form of a sculpture, installation, or display. The media used, the siting chosen, and the content all depend on the intent of the project.

  • Design, planning, and installation of environmental and public art pieces provided







Art of Environments' public engagement and educational materials help people learn about complex sustainability topics through visual and hands-on learning styles. 

Materials and resources include:

  • Custom posters, brochures, educational drawings, or other visual educational materials

    • Media used: hand-drawing and/or digital graphics

  • Art of Environments Guides and Workbooks are available for purchase

  • Custom books, guides, or workbooks designed for specific sustainability-based topics

  • Custom designed games (board games, card games, or other unique interactive games)



Landscape assessment helps identify patterns and habitat connectivity in a regional landscape.

Landscape assessments include:

  • Habitat and greenspace connectivity analysis

    • Identification of key areas of habitat connectivity and quality of habitat for specific species or for a general analysis of a regional landscape

    • Custom landscape ecology software (Fragstats) uses multiple metrics and thresholds to analyze composition, configuration, and connectivity of a landscape

    • Results help to inform land use planning decisions for conservation and habitat restoration

  • Urban farm and community garden placement

    • Identification of appropriate locations and partnerships for urban farms and community gardens

    • Creation of visual resources for community gardens

Have ideas that aren't listed above that you would like to have designed? No problem!

Art of Environments is happy to work with you on unique ideas that will help support your need for sustainability-based educational, visual, and/or interactive resources. Contact Maddy for all service inquiries.

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