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How would a healthy relationship with the natural environment, with ourselves, and with others function collectively?

How can we improve our relationship with the natural environment by understanding and being more aware of habitual patterns within ourselves individually and collectively?

How can a person, community, or built environment be more balanced, sustainable and healthy?

Art of Environments was founded with the belief that the way in which we relate to our natural environment, to others, and to ourselves can be improved and transformed by being more sustainable, resilient, and respectful through awareness and learning.


The concept of sustainability is constantly adapting as we continue to try to define what it means to live in harmony with natural systems and with each other.

Art of Environments' sustainability resources cover a range of topics including: 

|Sustainable and resilient infrastructure:|






|Habitual patterns within ourselves and behavioral awareness |

|Responsible, equitable, and sustainable land use strategies| 

The visual and experiential resources provided by Art of Environments are based on well-researched environmental and sustainability topics and explore the following questions:






How would a community be organized or what would it look like if it were in closer balance with natural systems?

How can an improved sense of self and connection to larger systems help shape our communities to be more sustainable and balanced?

- Energy

- Food

- Buildings

- Local resources

- Waste

- Water

- Transportation

- Green Space

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