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Sustainable Communities Guide and workbook

The Sustainable Communities Guide & Workbook is a comprehensive and educational resource. They are designed to help people of all ages learn about sustainable, resilient, and healthier ways to relate to ourselves, others, and the natural environment.









The workbooks encourage creative exploration of habitual thought patterns and pre-conceived ideas. The guides educate users through the use of organized categories and simple, visual symbols.

In order to engage many different learning styles, the workbooks and guides are:


  • accesible and easy to read

  • thought-provoking

  • highly visual and hand-drawn

  • interactive and engaging

Based on natural systems, structures, and processes, some of the topics in the workbooks and guides include:


| Core Principles of Sustainable Communities and Aware Individuals

| Behavioral Characteristics of Aware and Sustainability-Minded Individuals

| Political Actions and Policies for Sustainable Communities

| Infrastructural Components of a Sustainable and Resilient Community


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