Sacramento Splash: Watershed Drawings

These drawings were created for Sacramento Splash's Watershed Curriculum. Drawings assist with teaching students about stormwater pollutants, water conservation, and watershed activity.



Breach: Japanese Knotweed Installation

This collaborative project was designed and installed to represent Japanese Knotweed, an invasive plant species, and it's rapid growth throughout natural areas. Art of Environments created the initial design layout (as shown in pictures) and helped harvest the knotweed and install the piece.

Photo credits: JoAnna Commandaros and Mitra Saboury


Infiltration Yields Deterioration

Infiltration Yields Deterioration addresses the mass infiltration of chemicals and development into the natural environment. Silver growths represent money, chemicals, and the deterioration and overtaking of natural life when corruption and greed rule our way of life on Earth.

Empty: An Exploration of Space and Place

Mixed media book philosophically addressing emptiness and space as a necessary component and compliment to fullness and creation.


Public Art through Time

This mixed media piece represents public art as a lens for the collective consciousness of people at any given time period. The art is viewed through a small lens that magnifies the pieces and their adjoining time periods. The piece as a whole represents the evolution of art, and therefore collective thought. The chicken wire was added as a barrier between the time periods and serves as an analogy for the segregation and boundaries we construct in the urban fabric.




Concepts of Home

This mixed media public art piece represents home spaces. The writing on the piece describes a home as: "A familiarty, the vast open place within the safety of myself. It is transient yet always constant. A supportive respite of restoration and uninhibited freedom. In the enveloping woods, under the blanket of stars, in nature's kind quiet embrace: a gentle beckoning to return to what is."


Wing Span Interactive Display

This interactive public art display was designed for the visitors of the Cache Creek Nature Preserve in Woodland, California. The native bird species are painted to scale and labeled in English and in their Native American name. By interacting with this public environmental art display, visitors of all ages can learn about the native bird species in the region and measure their own arm length in comparison to the native birds. 




Frick Park Cob Bench

This bench was designed and built to be a public gathering space near a garden and education center at Frick Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cob was mixed and installed over bricks and found/ reused broken tiles were placed in cob for decoration. The bench is now used for educational lessons and for a quite spot to sit and be in nature. 


Trash Gyre Educational Piece

An educational art installation created with bottles and reeds regarding the garbage found in gyres within the ocean. Wall out of garbage created to enclose the viewer and create a physical barrier reflecting on the entrapment of many species within the ocean.

Painted Rain Barrel

Rain barrel painted and installed in a community garden. Painted to resemble seasons and natural cycles and still in use today.