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about maddy

As an artist who is inspired by the patterns and landscapes within the natural world, I strive to merge my passion for restoring and defining healthy ecological and human relationships with the design of visual and experiential resources. I am a fine artist and I have an extensive background in environmental studies and comprehensive sustainability topics through my education and my experience living and working at multiple ecovillages throughout the world.


I  hold a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and a master's degree in Regional Planning where I developed visual and interactive resources for sustainability education and engagement and received the Sustainability Planner Award given to one student in the graduating class as nominated by the faculty and students.










My diverse work background includes event planning, environmental education, creating eloquent and expressive environmental art installations and fine art pieces, land use planning, designing and implementing experiential sustainable community projects, and game and workbook design. My interests include environmental art, sustainable land use planning topics, and exploring the connection between human awareness and progressive change towards a more sustainable, healthy, and balanced relationship with the Earth and each other. 

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